Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If you combined Hogwarts with one of those TV government buildings.

I was in the business classroom. We'd had homework to record a dream, if we'd had one about the Dresden Files. I hadn't printed one out. I went up to professor Cunningham and asked if I could print it out and give it to him later. He said "Has there ever been a time when I've let anyone do that?" I told him that I had logged my dreams, they were just online. He relented and said I could email him a link to one of my posts.
I left the room and found myself in a series of plain white hallways arranged in an incomprehensible maze. Like Melchers, except more sterile. I had to find a computer so I could email my dream log to the professor.
I wandered through the halls, and passed a few classrooms. Then I came to a big wooden archway, with some ornate carvings. Through it I saw a huge room with a red carpet, and chandeliers and what looked like stage props scattered around. Some hamlet-lookalikes were fencing with sharp rapiers, rather intensely, while a director-looking-guy said "Hey, you're not supposed to actually kill each other!" In other parts of the room there were other drama students acting, and on a stage at one end were some inexplicable gymnasts (now a band name.)Directly across from the archway in which I stood was another door-less wooden archway. I started walking across the room to get there. The director guy yelled at me to get out of the way, drama students only, and the guys with the swords looked pretty angry, so I ran across.
The room on the other side was an immense hallway. The ceilings were incredibly high, like in the red-carpeted room, and I couldn't see either end of the room. The hallway was lit only by large, cathedral-style windows on the wall across from me. The light rather dim despite their hugeness, I suppose it was late evening.
I was still looking for a computer. The only piece of furniture in this huge room was a fest table. Some girls were sitting on the table. They looked like athletes, and one girl was on the floor next to the table stretching. One of them looked at me and told me I couldn't wear shoes in here. I took off my sandals and put them next to the table. I asked them if they could tell me where I could find a computer, because I needed to email my professor. The same girl nodded at a door to the left of the archway. I hadn't noticed it, or probably hadn't even been there. I opened the door and found nothing but a broom closet. When I closed the door again, I found that a computer had appeared behind it while it was open. It was one of those crappy XP computers you find in the Washroom, but I wasn't too picky. I navigated to my dream log, found one of my better Dresden Files dreams, and sent it to my professor.

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