Friday, May 28, 2010

I spent yesterday evening catching up on Sluggy Freelance.

Readers of my dream log, I would like to show you, a new blog of mine. I will continue to update this of course. Starting now.
First part of the dream, I made my facebook relationship status "married", and didn't specify who. My mother left an angry comment asking when this happened, and why didn't I have a ceremony because I have some relatives who would have liked to attend such a thing.
Second and far more interesting part of the dream. Mom, Dad and I were on our way to Fredericksburg, but instead of using a car we were using a time travelling device similar to Captain Jack's in series 3. There were goons chasing us, Hereti-Corp-looking-goons, but not Hereti Corp. I'm pretty sure they were actually Cyberdyne, but it was never specified. We stopped on an outcropping of rock outside of a cave in this huge canyon filled with waterfalls. It was a man-made platform, we could tell because there was a metal door in the back of the cave, and windows in the rock.
We went inside and sat down next to a window. We could still see the waterfalls, and the sun came through the window even though we couldn't see it through the top of the canyon. My mother found a book of piano songs, and started complaining at me about how she never hears me practice because the volume is always down too low. Also, this book was all arrangements of pop songs and no pretty music. I pointed out some songs that were pretty. The book also had an arrangement of "American Idiot" in it.
I went back outside and looked off the edge of the cliff. I looked to my right and saw 3 Evil Corp goons riding on the back of giant flying insects, heading straight for the platform on which I stood. They landed, and one of them took off her sunglasses, revealing her identity as none other than Meredith Roane! The other two were Erin and her sister. Mer pulled a gun on me and said something along the lines of "TIME TRAVELLING IS AN ILLEGAL USE OF EVIL CORP TECHNOLOGY!" I ran back inside to hide with my parents. My father stalled a different group of Evil Corp goons by telling them we hadn't been time travelling. I complained that it's never easy to get down to Fredericksburg.

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