Sunday, May 30, 2010

Castle inspired.

There was a murder. A girl had been killed, and Mer, Reece and I had to find out what was up. We went to this big party at a hotel, and there were all of these rich people that we talked to. Sadly, I don't remember much of this part except that most of these interviews took place in a teeny-tiny cramped diner attached to the hotel. We eventually ended up getting a confession out of one of the old rich dudes.
Now for the parts I remember. The hotel had 3 floors, and my family had a room on the middle floor. Madeline and I wanted to go swimming, but were prevented from doing so, because the rich guy's family inhabited the entire bottom floor of this hotel and they were pretty angry at me. So I went up to the third floor, but the grieving family of the girl were on that floor, and I didn't want to talk to them. So our only option was to take Ralph for a walk and go swimming in the lake. We didn't want to go all the way around the lake, so we instead took Ralph around to wear the campfire is. The little pond in that area was completely clear, and they allowed swimming there. But there was a party going on, and a band next to the water. I'd let Ralph off the leash as I usually do, and he joyfully ran up to the band members and knocked them all in the water. I decided to avoid this confrontation by going up the little path at the side of the campsite, that leads to a neighborhood. But the forest was filled with people shooting off fireworks, and that was pretty dangerous. Ralph didn't like that at all.
Then I woke up.

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