Friday, May 7, 2010

Clearly Death Class had an effect.

Herr Rotter wanted to take Death Class on an excursion to this giant cemetery in California. I was late coming out of my classes, and missed our ride to the airport. I called one of the girls in the class and she said she had my tickets, I needed to get to the airport before 4 though. I called a few people, asking for a ride, but they all said no so I had to walk. There was an airport in College Park, so it would be no problem. I started the walk along college avenue, which was a straight shot, but really really long, and it passed some sketchy areas. It got dark when I was only halfway there. I got a call from the girl who had my tickets, she said I'd missed the plane and I'll have to make it up over the weekend. Disappointed with myself, I turned back.
My phone started buzzing in my pocket. I looked at the caller ID and of all people it was Faith Zhang, from high school. I answered it, but got no response so I hung up.
I was walking on College Avenue, but the graveyard from William Street was on my left, where the school should have been. I looked across the street and saw Meredith and Erin and Matt, (Matterinedith?) and ran over to meet them. They took me to this building I didn't recognize. We went inside it, and Erin led us to this one room. Behind the door was a lever, which would cause some of the ceiling tiles to come down and form a door in the wall. Outside the door was a beach.
We lifted the lever and closed the door to the beach. Then we turned around and found a dragon sitting on the opposite end of the room. It was large and green and sitting in that way that dragons do. It told us we had a job to do, and we had to go back out to the beach.
We went through the door. I looked around and found that I recognized this spot, and it wasn't far from the beach entrance to the house we usually rent. The sky was gray, it looked like the sun might be coming up but it was difficult to tell because it was cloudy. I found my family, the whole beach crowd, wandering around on the beach looking for something. My father told me and my friends to pick up driftwood, because we were building a fence. I asked where and why, and he pointed out at the ocean. It looked like the ocean, and acted like the ocean, but it was a field, covered in skeletal ghosts. Only some of them looked like pirates. They had a leader who wore a black cloak and had a sword (not a scythe!). We were building a fence along the shore to keep them away, and we seemed to have their approval. It was pretty easy work, though the skeleton in the cloak kept glaring at us, and wouldn't let us stop. There was a line of smaller ghosts directly on the border, keeping us working. The sun didn't rise, and no one else came out of the beach.
Matterinedith and I were building toward the door where we'd come in, hoping to escape. The guy in the cloak told us to stop building right across from that door. That seemed suspicious. I'd called my cousin Reilly over at some point. We bolted for the room on the other side.
Of course, there was a dragon on the other side. He was red now, instead of green. He looked at us with a bored expression on his face, and set the lever on fire before we could close the portal. The skeleton in the cloak glared through the portal at us with red eyes, and a few of the smaller skeletons rushed at the door, and then I woke up.

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