Monday, August 16, 2010

Me?? Unreasonable? Gluttonous? That's pretty far-fetched!

So, Erin and Meredith and I had finished moving into our rooms. I invited Sunshine over, and Matt, and we were going to order pizza. Meredith insisted on inviting Titus, who brought over 7 of his closest friends. This of course annoyed me to no end, and I told Meredith that I wasn't going to pay for the pizza they ordered. Meredith got mad at me and asked me why I wouldn't be social. I explained that not only did I not invite them, I'd invited Titus, but also that my money wouldn't go that far. In a cartoonish display of childish petulance, we each crossed our arms and sat at opposite ends of the room (for we were living in the same room) facing the wall, with >8( looks on our faces.
Then Reece shows up, and we have to go grocery shopping because we had nothing for breakfast! So we walked up to the Giant. I went to the bread section for bagels, but stopped at the cheap-baked-goods cart to see if they had any muffins. Reece said "Why are you looking for muffins? That is why you hate yourself." I said "I thought you might like some, silly!" But they only had chocolate chip muffins, so we dismissed them.
We went around the corner, where the shelves of bread are in the F-burg Giant, and found instead the kitchen in Bushnell. Reece disappeared to go somewhere. Erin said she was making pancakes. I asked her if she could leave the stuff out so I could make some when she was finished. She refused, because apparently I'm super-unreasonable and picky when it comes to pancakes. I shrugged and glanced at the recipe, thinking I would make them anyway, even if she washed all the dishes first. Erin got annoyed with me and ordered me out of the kitchen.
Around the corner I was back in the Giant. I ran into Meredith, and asked her if it was true that I was unreasonable about pancakes. She said it was, but wouldn't explain how so. I was confused. Erin appeared again and explained that I can't have pancakes because I haven't finished my muffin. I looked at my hand and realized it had a half-eaten muffin in it, but I hadn't bought one, and I didn't remember eating half of it, but Erin and Meredith objected to my apparent gluttony and wouldn't let me have pancakes.
I turned around and suddenly we were in the apartment and not the Giant. I was still hungry because I hadn't had a muffin, dangit, so I put on my robe (for I was still in my PJs) and went to Seaco for breakfast. They had pancakes there. Then I left and went to my first class, in Goolrick. I don't remember the class itself, but I had a class right after it in the sub-basement of Dupont. The opposite end of campus from the apartment. I had 10 minutes to get there, and I had to run, but I suddenly noticed that I was still wearing my pajamas! I couldn't go to class like that! So I ran back to the apartment. I passed Meredith while waiting for the William Street light to turn green, and she laughed at my situation.

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