Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School is on my mind, I think.

It was exam day, and I was doing a lot of running in the hallways to get to my classes. The classrooms looked like the rooms in Centennial, but the hallways looked more like the basement of Chandler.
I had a two part exam to turn in to Alan Rickman (who made it clear to us that he was NOT professor Snape, when I pointed out that the name on his office door was Snape he gave me detention), the first part of which was due at 8:00 AM. It was a multiple choice exam. When we were done we were to tack the scantrons to the corkboard on the left side of the room, then return at noon to turn in the essay portion of this exam.
The "essay" part was 2 questions. The first task was to write down everything I knew about Satyrs. I wrote that they were half-goat half-men, but that was all I could remember. I went down the hall to the library. The library was huge, like one you'd see in a cartoon, with bookshelves going up to the extremely high ceiling. I went to the mythology section. The librarian who was helping people was the alien scientist guy from Titan A.E. He was very eager to help, and got me a book about Satyrs. It was a children's encyclopedia. I revised my essay to note that they were depicted with wreaths of ivy around their heads, and that they were companions of Pan and Dionysus. Also that they were half-goats in Roman tradition, but in the Greek tradition they had horse tails.
The second question was an arithmetic exercise. I had to add together a pageful of numbers and divide them by 153. I don't remember the answer.
I had another exam with a different teacher between Rickman's first and second exams. This exam took place in the bio 101 lab in Jepson. I had to write a brief essay about a music video that was playing on a loop at the front of the classroom. It was a Die Aerzte song I'd never heard, and I found that exciting. Also for some reason Hugh Laurie was in the video. I noticed that the lyrics were clues to a mystery that I had to solve in order to save my family. But first I had to run over to Chandler to give Snape his essay. But Rickman was busy with other students, and wouldn't accept my paper. I was running out of time to help my family, so I tacked it on top of my multiple choice exam and left, hoping it counted.
Then I woke up before the mystery could be solved.

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