Friday, August 6, 2010


The school decided that instead of apartments they were going to move us all into treehouses. To get to one house to the other we had to swing on ropes. We were distressed because we couldn't play DDR in these houses because the floor was too delicate. I swung over to Alice's room to discuss this. On the way back to our room I found a metal door. I thought this was odd, and went through. There was this huge, dark room filled with computers. And it was AIR CONDITIONED. I thought this was just spectacular. I went up to the only people in the room. They were all mad scientists, and they asked me if I wanted to help them create devices that would allow one to control objects with one's mind. In return I would be allowed to have AC in my treehouse room. But I couldn't tell anyone about it.
This of course caused everyone to hate my secretiveness and envy my air conditioning. I told Erin and Meredith about it, and they were both unimpressed.

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