Thursday, August 12, 2010

Part Lucifer, part Lasciel. And a grave made of candy.

First dream, I woke up, went downstairs and got online, much as I have done this morning. I started getting messages from these people who said they were angels. One was trying to convince me to be evil, one was trying to convince me to be good, and one was just trying to help me do whatever. I couldn't tell which was which. I blocked them all and got off the computer. As I was watering the plants and doing other morning chores, I started to hear voices and laughter in my head. They were bickering. I rolled my eyes and ignored all of them. I went inside and started making a sandwich for breakfast, when the bad guy from last night's episode of Psych starts talking to me. I can't hear him, because the "angels" in my head were trying to instruct me on how to make a sandwich according to Good, Evil and True Neutral instructions. All of them involved bloodshed somehow.
Next dream. I had to research a person for a class. His name was... Anthony something, and he was Jewish, but that's all I knew about him before I started researching. I went to the UMW library, which had changed a little. The computers by the reference area had been moved so that instead of the wall protecting the staircase, there were more bookshelves. I walked past the first bookshelf and found myself in a graveyard. I began looking for Anthony's grave. I figured that it would have a star of David on it, so I was looking for that. I saw a classmate looking for her person's grave. She picked one up that was shaped like the Star of David and lugged it back to the computers, which I could see from the graveyard. I gave up and went back to the computers to try Googling the guy. A search on Anthony brought me absolutely nothing. I did some skillful searching on the library website and found one book featuring the guy's name. I got the book from the shelves and looked through it. I couldn't find his name in the book until the last few pages. There was a page of Garfield comics, and the last comic on the page had Garfield talking about Anthony and his pet fish. I went back to Google and searched for that, and found that Anthony was not at all noteworthy for being Jewish during the second world war, as I'd supposed, but for a highly publicized incident involving his pet goldfish that would have won him a Darwin-award. I went back to the graveyard to find his tombstone, and just a few rows up from the computers I found his name on a grave made of candy. I brought it back to present to the class. We were all very confused.
Then I went back to the apartment and woke Erin up, because she'd been asleep. I told her I'd used one of my meals at Seacobeck. She was happy because she could make a sandwich for breakfast.

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