Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coin collections

I only remember a few pieces of this dream.
I learn that the government professor at UMW is the same guy who taught AP government at my high school. He was fired for being a douche.
I tell my sister about this, and she says something along the lines of "But he's still working at Centennial...I think this was a dream." I respond with "Yeah, you're right, it was a dream."
But then I'm talking to my mom about it. She says "Yes, he quit his job at Centennial." We're sitting in a restaurant, and I'm trying to decide what I want. I'm thinking a sandwich, but then I decide on a cup of soup and a salad. So we go to the salad bar to get the soup. My family from Ashland is there too. We're walking around this round table that has 3 or 4 different pots of soup, and we're tasting each of them to decide which one we want. There's some discussion about the tastiness of soup, and we leave the room without our bowls. We exit the house entirely, because it turns out we weren't in a restaurant, we were at a party at my aunt Judy's house. But it's not Judy's house, because her house is in a field with no surrounding houses. There are lines of houses here, and in the middle of the sidewalk is a junk sale. I follow a trail of dimes and pennies down the front stairs, pocketing the money as my father wonders "How come you always find this stuff? Now, that right there is probably valuable!" I pick up the coin and it says it's from 1822. I pick up another from the 1600s, and then one from the 900s, and I find a box filled with coins from hundreds of years ago. It costs $22, and I'm like "But I'm saving my money for renfest!" but my dad's like "These coins are worth hundreds of dollars!"

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