Sunday, October 19, 2008


This dream was like X-Men meets holocaust.
There was this big mutant registration event, and I was standing in line. I had superpowers! We learn that we're not actually being registered, we're lining up to be executed, with an electric chair. I sneak off, Mel is there for some reason. I go into this office to talk to the guy in charge. I start bawling, acting much younger than I am, and tell him "My mutant powers just manifested last week, PLEASE can I at least be executed in a less painful way than the electric chair?" (I don't care how painful the chair actually is, it was a dream.) The guy says "Um...' know, we don't need to kill this one." Suddenly I'm talking to my Biology professor, and she tells me "You can stay alive as long as you hide your mutant powers, forget they're even there. Also, do NOT make a webcomic." Of course, my friend and I are planning on making a webcomic, so we're disappointed about that.
It turns out there are these 3 people after me. 2 of them were guys, one was Brad Pitt and the other...was somebody in a red shirt. They wanted to help me. The third was a girl, who absolutely HATED me, and was trying to get evidence that my mutant powers had manifested long ago, I'd been using them for years and I'm still using them. She really wanted me to be killed!
I'm running around with the guys, some of my friends have shown up. This madman has decided that systematically executing the mutants isn't enough, and he wants to blow up the whole island. Did I mention we're on an island? He's using this explosive made from orange juice. We are trying to stop him, obviously. I end up knocking the explosive potion out of his hands, off of the edge of a balcony, and it splashes onto the people on the ground below. He tries to light those people on fire, but Brad Pitt stops him. It culminates into this battle in the center of the island. The chick who is after me has found my flip-flops, which are for some reason proof that I have mutant powers. I start beating her up, flinging her against a tree, punching and twisting her breasts until her arms can't move.
Then I wake up!
Throughout this dream I'm talking to friends about how similar to X-men this is.

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