Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a violent person!

Don't remember too much of this one...
There was this boy, probably like 15 years old. I was helping him escape from prison. We escaped, but ended up in this store run by cops that sells handcuffs. (kinky!) I grabbed a pair and handcuffed the boy to this big iron gate in the stone wall that surrounds the city. Then I was on a beach. My parents were there, and my family from Ashland. The kid takes a gun out and shoots some family members. This infuriates my cousin and me, so we run up to the guy and take the gun away from him. Now we have two guns and he has one, because the one gun sort of turned into three. Reilly's is a shotgun with no cartridges, and mine is a pistol. Neither of them work. Reilly's obviously has no ammo. Mine has bullets, I can see them, but it doesn't shoot. I try to shoot the kid in the back several times, he's running around, having escaped his handcuffs. But it doesn't shoot anything but coffee. He grabs it from me and tosses it in the ocean. So then it won't work at all. Then a woman and her daughter walk by, with tools for fixing and cleaning guns. I fix the gun so that it works, but then it turns into plastic. It still has real bullets in it, but they won't shoot, because the thing is acting like a toy gun. I still reeeeally want to shoot this guy, but I can't.

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