Friday, October 3, 2008

Again with the city.

Erin and I walked through this town, the tan and white city, except this time it was surrounded by jungle and at the foot of a mountain. There was still the ocean. We were in this farmer's market, and we had a guide, who told us that we should only eat sticky food. We repeated this in silly voices. "Sticky foooood." So I got a muffin, and Erin got honey sticks. The guide bought a bag, more like a pillow, filled with a sticky purple liquid. She placed it on her head.
These people we were following were part of this subculture that wears ordinary household objects as hats. We saw at least one guy wearing a toaster.
There was a murder of some kind, and we had to find the suspect. Ballard and Mike Downey showed up to help us with this task.
We were seated around a table in my living room. This turned into the red hotel lobby from a few dreams ago. But this time it had a fireplace. Jenn was there too. And this guy with a mustache who we all knew was the guy who committed the murders, but he was important so we couldn't say anything. There was another guy too, a tall wizard. The guy with the mustache was trying to fit a CD into a CD player, but couldn't, because it was covered in gold. This was significant for some reason.
The robots came, and 3 of us lost our heads, but they grew back.

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