Sunday, October 12, 2008

Super-Secret Awesome Agency of Awesome

So, there was this evil corporation thingything, and they were killing everyone who got in their way. Our detective super-secret awesome agency of awesome had figured this out, and things got really bad when one of our own was found in a crater in the desert near our super-secret desert hideaway, he was all exploded and stuff, and there was an oven next to his charred corpse. They were trying to make it look like an accident, see.
Turns out trying to open an interdimensional portal to evil in the old falling-apart amphitheater at the University of Mary Washington. Two of us went to investigate, and found three old dudes standing on the stage, muttering things about evil plans. One of them let out an evil laugh. I found a pamphlet for a Bruce Springsteen concert on the ground, and my partner was like "OH NOES! SUCH DEVILRY!" I was wearing my Bruce Springsteen band T-shirt, so I was like, "I'm pretty sure that's not their ultimate evil plan."
After the dudes left, we went down and found all kinds of evil symbols and shit written all over the stage and the columns and stuff.
So, we figure that we're next, and we go back to our super-secret hideaway in the desert. Our super-secret hideaway looks like a normal little house, it's just in the middle of a desert. We're in there with the rest of the good folks at the SSAAOA, some of them equipping weaponry reserved for shadow people and vampires and stuff. All of the lights are off, we're just waiting for them to show up, and our base is attacked.
6 or 7 of us run to the amphitheater, where some of the evil dudes are beginning the ritual to open the interdimensional portal to evil. We get between them and the back of the stage, you know, to keep them out of the rift, and then one of our guys turns out to be this invincible "angel" thing. He can regrow any body parts that he loses, and he's blue, and looks kind of like Gumby but with wings. His only weak point is his head. If you cut it off, he can't regrow anything and he's much less invincible. I look around and find out that some others of our group have joined the side of evil and are plotting to cut his head off, with a shiny knife. I alert him about this, and we leave the area to the rest of them. Or at least, I try to get him to leave, but he's like NOOOOOO WE HAVE TO HELP THE OTHERS STOP THE EVIL.
And then I wake up.

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