Thursday, October 9, 2008

Space drama

I take Meredith home for fall break as is planned. We go to my house, and I take her on a short tour. I notice that Cyrus, my African Grey, is missing from his perch. I ask my parents where he is, and they lead me down a hallway and into this room about the size of a walk-in closet. This room is filled with birds in cages. There's a macaw, a conure, several parakeets, and at the other side of the room is a cage filled with African Greys. 4 of them. "They all just sort of showed up one day. Cyrus met a female and well, they got busy." my parents explained.
"That's just silly. We're selling them, right? I like having just one parrot."
My parents don't respond. I take that as a yes. "Good!" I reach into the cage and only one of the parrots doesn't shy away from my hand. I pick Cyrus up and put him on my shoulder.

Then I notice a light coming from the other end of this small room. I investigate, and discover that there is a secret door. Meredith and I go through it, followed by my parents, and end up in a parking lot. A futuristic, bizarre parking lot. My sister (who has shown up out of the blue) tells me that they're planning on knocking down all the restaurants and the fountain to make more space for parking. I realize that we're at the Columbia mall. Or a Columbia mall, anyway. We meet up with the Ballards.
Suddenly, we're no longer in a parking lot, we're inside a building, on a platform with a large window overlooking a courtyard. Everything looks like the inside of a space ship, except the courtyard, which has a few trees. The door to the parrot room is still there. It's so completely different, I decide that we should follow a tour group. It's being led by a woman in a business suit, and a robot. The robot is reminiscent of the Van Rijn muses, the clanks from Girl Genius. We're following this group when lights start flashing and alarms sound. The woman leading the tour leans over to us and yells over the alarms "This is very very bad! None of the visitors will take this seriously, they'll think this is another drill! It's not, this is very very bad!" And she starts running.
All of us, my parents, my sister, Meredith, and 3 of the Ballards (Katie is not here) run off in different directions. I have Mer and Andrew with me, and we run back through more metal hallways and spaceship-esque scenery. We don't know what we're running from, just that it's really bad. We go down some stairs, and into a really dark room, where we're joined by some redshirts, I think they were just some Mexican guys who worked there. They seemed to know more about what we were doing. I look around, and realize we're back on the platform where we started. Suddenly 2 or 3 robots come into the room and start to attack us. We fight them, somehow, and one of the Mexicans takes out an EMP device and blasts all of them. The alarms are still sounding, the only light is the red lights from the alarms and now this eerie glow coming from the dead robots. "More of them will come," says the guy with the gun. "We need to keep running."
I hear through a door some screeching, and I suddenly remember. "Will somebody PLEASE rescue the birds?!" My parents and the Ballards run past me, past the window, turn a corner around onto another platform. A different Mexican follows my orders and works on saving the birds.
Then I wake up.

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