Friday, March 20, 2009

I need to check the status of my laundry.

I was at the house to get some good summer clothes, because it was gorgeous and warm out (sadly not the truth for today.) I was out of underwear, so I took a basket downstairs to this laundry room. The machines were arranged like a typical laundromat, 4 machines by 4 machines back to back in the middle with machines on the walls around them. Except those machines faded and were replaced by walls padded with blue rubber, that extended as high as a gymnasium ceiling. I opened a machine, the last machine on the left of a row of four, but it was filled. I emptied it and saw that it was my mom's laundry. I looked in my own basket, but could not find any underwear, just my pair of white capris. Then I looked again and found the fancy underwear MK got me. My father was in the room, but I unabashedly undressed and put the fancy underwear on, bra and panties. Then I looked in my mom's laundry again and discovered ALL of my other underwear.
Then my parents were hosting a party. My father was making some good food. I was surprised when my father gave me an xbox, a television and smash bros. brawl (yes I know that's for the wii.) I took them up to my room, put the TV on my desk, sat my laptop on the floor next to my bed. After some attempts to get the TV and the xbox to cooperate, I went downstairs. I took my laptop with me, and sat it on a TV tray next to the leather chair in the corner of the living room, where I usually do my computing. I had my itunes on shuffle, but since the party had the Hensons and the Orells, I figured they wouldn't appreciate my music and asked my mother if I should turn it off. She said yes. The song playing was Das Maedchen Aus Rottweil by Die Toten Hosen. I went back upstairs with my laptop and put on some new pants.

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