Monday, March 23, 2009

A life of crime!

I broke into someone's house to help them with their homework. Their father came home, I hid on the roof and witnessed a television being stolen from the house across the street. The kid I was helping came out to the roof with me and began telling me the best place for them to park their car and hide in order to keep the police from finding the correct truck in the parking lot. The police drove up and had trouble finding the car. I told them which truck had the TV in it and they arrested me for breaking in to someone's house.
In order to escape from prison, I had to give a presentation on why I should be set free, and for some reason my math professor was judging. I had nothing prepared, but the other people in the room were just saying 1 or 2 sentences, so I decided to wing it. When I got up to the front I turned around so my back was to the group and told a joke about a priest, a rabbi and a buddhist monk in a bar. This was so funny that I was able to escape.

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