Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Girl Genius dream

Gil, Agatha and the Jaegermonsters were protecting this parking lot from zombies. Gil was being all protective of Agatha, and the Jaegers were being suspicious of Gil. Gil gave Agatha a gun that would turn the zombies into cute fuzzy animals. Agatha tried to fix it so it made things explode, but Gil was like "No killing them!" which is very out of character.
Then I was in my kitchen, talking to my father, I was doing a crossword puzzle sort of thing except the answers were invisible. To make them visible I just had to erase over the blank squares. I knew the answer to one, it was Doctor Worm by TMBG, and I then woke up with that song stuck in my head.
The next bit of sleep had a dream that put Reckless Abandon by Blink182 in my head, but I don't remember it.

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