Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mister talking bee's on my shoulder, zip a dee doo dah

There was a bee.
It was really really really windy. There was a bee hovering around my shoulder/ear trying to keep out of the wind. He could talk, and said "Please keep me out of the wind! My children need me! Alucard needs me!" Alucard is a character from something... but I know the name more from a playgrounder. So I let the bee hover around my ear to keep him out of the wind. I was walking on campus walk, back towards Randolph. There was snow on the grass between Randolph and Mason, but nowhere else. Snowmen would pop out of the ground at random intervals and fire their stick arms at me. I caught one of them and started twirling it around.
I entered Randolph and got a call from my mother saying that I had to go to a party. I turned into the hallway, which changed into the hallway from heading to my garage in my house, and got in the car. We drove for a long time. I took out my phone to play Mario, but found that I had saved over my level and had to start at the beginning. The bee on my shoulder (still there) said "Now the world will never be saved!"
We arrived at a very large house. On Marsh Hawk Way, the street where Ballard lives, in Columbia about 15 minutes away. There is a party inside, my family is in there. I don't remember what comes next.

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