Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm sure if it had really been Matt, he'd have never heard of Cap'n Crunch.

It was Matt and Erin and I. We were sitting on the edge of the top bunk, looking at my desk, playing a video game similar to Smash Brothers but everything was made of legos. We didn't want to play it, but we had to in order to escape this castle. It was the same castle as the dream with the bug and the picnic tables. The evil leader of this castle looked something like Ryuk and sounded like Cap'n Crunch. A spiderweb like the Other Mother's from Coraline appeared just between the bunk beds and my desk. Except it was blue. Suddenly we were outside on the beach, backs to the ocean, facing the castle, still sitting on the bunk beds. I got off and walked along the edge of the castle wall, Matt and Erin following me. As we walked along Matt started bothering me about whether he could date Erin. She was wearing her beige coat and a black dress. She sat down on a bench and the coat flared out a little. Matt kept asking me "She's really hot, can I date her?" Everytime I was like "NO! SHE'S NOT INTERESTED!" I leaned over to pick up some money that had fallen. Matt said "It's just a few pennies, why are you bothering?" (a question I'm sick of) and Erin said "It's illegal to pick up money in this castle!" The people standing around us ('cause suddenly there were people standing around us) were shocked. We quickly ran back to our bunk beds, which rose into the air. The beds landed on a platform that looked straight out of Super Smash Brothers. Cap'n Ryuk was there. And the Sultan from Aladdin. There was some running around. The platform turned into this bouncy-castle type surface.

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