Sunday, March 8, 2009

He is no one from Real Life

Another dream that started with taking classes. In one class I had to play basketball with a bunch of faceless people, and was actually pretty good at it, but then the ball turned into a sock and it did not fit through the ring, which had shrunken to about the size of my fist (which is not very big at all.) I walked up to the ring, everyone stepped back, I unfolded the sock and tried to stuff it through the ring, but it didn't fit. I finally got it through, after several tries (twss?) and strolled to the back of the court, because the points I got from that won my team the game. Once I was away from my team, this old guy who looked like Sgt Scorp from Girl Genius told me that what I did was cheating and nullified, and everyone on my team wanted me off. So I left.
I skulked out of the building, down a path that looked similar to the path on campus that runs from Seacobeck to the Nest. Next to the wall beside the courtyard I meet this dude, and I recognize him as a guy that everyone knows. He is a friend of mine, but he is no one from RL. He asked me what was up, I told him that I'd just failed a test, he said he could help me study. So we went over to his dorm room, we pass a bunch of people I know who also know this guy, including his sister, and Meredith. I go there, study for a bit, then fall asleep. When I wake up, the dude tells me I slept through my first class, I'm horrified and leave. Word spreads around campus that I spent the night in this dude's room, and it's a big scandal.
Then I woke up for real. Missing an hour. Booooo.

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