Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I don't even like potatoes with cheese!

Katherine hired me and Andrew Ballard to do a job. I don't remember what it was, but we were hiding in a hotel to avoid completing it. Andrew was much smaller than me. He had a rose that was helping him lose weight, but also height. I laughed at him. He said the rose was a metaphor.
We ran into the Pendletons and Francises in a stairwell that reminded me of the church stairs, crossed with Randolph stairs. I told them about the job and we bitched about Katherine for a while. We went outside and stood out by a lamppost. It began to rain. A bus came up, and suddenly we had bags of stuff. My dream went back in time to the hotel again, when we were packing stuff up. Andrew disappeared and was replaced by Mel. I asked Mel how much stuff we'd need, whether I'd need to bring a separate bag for toiletries, etc. There was a bit of running through empty hallways, all hardwood floors and walls, lit by the sun and completely devoid of furniture or decoration of any kind. I stopped in this room that contained my mom, dad and grandmother. There were decorations in this room, an oriental rug, some nice chairs, lamps and candles, and a BIG piano. I stopped to play the piano, Meema commented on how we were actually hearing me play for once. Then mom and dad told me they needed to help Karen Ballard make potatoes with cheese. Not normal potatoes with cheese, it was like a checkerboard sheet of potatoes with cheese baked on it, and every potato square had a picture on it. The entire cast of LOTR was in one row of the thing, there were some other pictures I don't remember. There was a robot overseeing this work.

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