Monday, May 11, 2009

My painting had a cat and a moon and a violin player.

EVERYONE did poorly on the statistics exam, so the professor decided to let us retake it. Except it was changed. And pretty much everyone on campus was taking it. We were in a building that was some cross between Seacobeck and Goolrick. There were tables all over with people crowded around them. We weren't supposed to take the exam together, but that didn't stop people. There were also beds everywhere. I went over to my bed (my dormroom bed, not the one I have here) and found Erin Kenderish there, filling out the exam like it was the easiest thing ever. I hadn't even looked at the exam, but when I did I found that it was unlike any exam I'd ever taken. Each person was given a copy of a painting, we had to copy the basic shapes of all of the items in the painting and describe each shape in mathematical terms. I was like "This isn't stats, it's geometry!" I sat down on my bed and snuck peeks at Erin's work. Then I fell asleep, and when I woke up (in my dream) my exam was gone. I went over to the table where the extras were, and was warned that I was running out of time. I was also offered cookies by some enthusiastic waitresses. I found Ballard and told him to help me. He said he would, but only if we could find someplace quieter because he couldn't concentrate in this room full of people shouting and eating. I said we could go to the locker room (goolrick, remember?). My parents jumped out of nowhere and accused us of sneaking off to have sex. I was completely disgusted, as was Andrew, but my parents didn't believe me so I just stalked off by myself to do this stupid math exam thing.

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