Friday, May 22, 2009

The location jumped around A LOT.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah, trying to remember
It was some kind of church service funeral thing, someone I didn't really know had died, but my mother had died recently, so I was upset when the funeral procession took place right next to her grave. Mel was with me. This Professor Mcgonagall type character said I was excused. We were suddenly indoors, inside St. Peters, I went to the pew where Mel was sitting. Then it turned into a train, and I was sitting with Mel and discussing the price of tickets. THEN I was on the picnic table in my backyard, with Mel and Rachael, talking about how many meanings the German preposition "an" has (fun fact, I could only remember 2.) This morphed into a classroom, I was sitting with a bunch of German students, but I was the only one who spoke German at all fluently, it was like German one. But in a science classroom. With whiteboards. I kept writing German phrases on the board, to the interest of the student I was sitting with.
Alarm went off, I woke up and turned over.
The next dream was like Run Lola Run, I was Lola, but instead of the same situation each time I was doing different things. I called my boyfriend just once to make sure he hadn't died. He laughed and said "What are you talking about?" I explained that it all had to do with this film.
Then I decided I had to get up for reals.

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