Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is no good! This is not right! (my feet stick out of bed all night)

My mother was throwing some kind of party at our house. My friends and I were running in and out, take care of things. Dad bought some booze. There were people over and dinner was being served when my mom noticed that Ralph had bees embroidered on his forehead. I was like "Oh yeah, I put those there!" and mom was like "Take them out! You can't embroider things on the dog!" One of my friends, I don't remember which, said "Well I thought it was a good idea." Mom sent us out on errands and stuff to make up for that. Andrew Ballard was there for that part, I discussed TV shows with him.
Then we were at school, and it was time to pack for fall break. My parents decided to pick us up, so they were there. Then Reece shows up unexpectedly. I was like "Hey! You're here early!" and he just stood there awkwardly. I ran up and hugged him, but he kept just standing there. He seemed to be petrified of my parents. So I dragged him off away from them, he finally snaps out of it and goes "Wait, what am I doing here? This is not right! This is not the Renfest!" I was like "Does it matter?" and he said "YES, we've been planning for the Renfest for months, this is not right!" and strolled of uninterestedly. And I was sad.


LordBlace said...

Aw, sweetie, you know that's not how that would happen. =)
I love you.

Stark said...