Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This reflects real life.

So, Stephanie was in my music theory class instead of linguistics. We had an assignment to dress in ridiculous clothes and take pictures of each other. I thought the assignment was sexy clothes, so I did the wrong thing and was corrected at the very last minute. My final outfit ended up being striped pants, a plaid vest and a top hat.
Because I did the wrong thing, I ended up missing German lit. So I went back in time, right into my German classroom at the beginning of class, but my body didn't come with me. I contacted Meredith with my mind and worked something out that fixed that little mistake. I sort of faded into existence, apologized a LOT for missing the first 20 minutes of class, and everyone was confused about how I didn't use the front door.
Interesting, because I'm probably going to miss some German because of a theory assignment.

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