Sunday, September 6, 2009

The best way to deal with banned posters.

First, I was in 3nd grade, and I had just moved to Germany. I was in a classroom full of kids who knew each other. I had an assignment, which was to write my life story. I didn't know my life story, but I had someone invisible narrating my life from the future, like "Little did Emily know that in this class she would meet her 3 best friends for the next 4 years." So this voice helped me get through that assignment, and meet some friends. None of these really existed, by the way. The first was a boy named John, the second was a little plastic panda toy, and the third was a penguin. Some kind of hijynks ensued, all with me following the narrating voice.
Then I was in an airplane with some people. They were testing out actors for the new Star Wars movie by seeing if they could survive being kicked out an airplane. The kid who played Anakin in episode 1 survived, to everyone's dismay.
These people turned out to be playgrounders, kicking banned posters out of the airplane. Rawhide and other mods (all avatars, as usual) held a little conference in the back of the plane. FDL was there, having nominated Ichneumon to be banned (I don't know why, as far as I know they have no beef with each other, though I have a silent beef with Ichneumon). The mods declared her (him?) bannable, and FDL got to kick her out of the airplane.
I'm not sure if they had parachutes. Probably. We're very nice at the playground, you know.

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