Monday, September 28, 2009

City Face!

My sister found a tame pigeon, who reminded me of City Face (you can read through the 10-page story without knowing anything about Gunnerkrigg Court). I was petting the pigeon, but then I thought that might make Cyrus jealous, so I stopped. But it DID make Cyrus jealous. He got into an argument with the pigeon.

There was another dream... I'll edit it in when I remember it.

I was at the gym for weight training, but all of the machines were crammed in this wooden shed, about the size of mine at home. The door opened and people spilled out onto a path, by a river, lined with trees. People started taking out machines. I got a recumbent bike out and pointed it down the path and started exercising. Something went wrong, the machine broke and I was riding the bike along the path. I rode into a group of cyclists, all on exercise bikes, who I recognized as random banterers from the Playground. The coach from weight training yelled at me and told me to go back to where the others from my class were exercising on their completely stationary machines. I went back. The coach said "You got caught up with those random banter people, didn't you?" and I was like "Yeah."

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Stark said...

I think a tame pigeon would be pretty awesome, and I don't think Cyrus would mind THAT much. He doesn't exactly have much of a mind to mind things with.