Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ugh. I can't believe I'm writing this.

First dream was so corny as to contradict itself.
Basically I was able to say that I love Reece and no one would groan or roll their eyes or be all jealous or anything.
So my first thought upon waking to Erin leaving was "I completely and totally love Reece." Then I started thinking about how awesome it would be to text him with that in the morning because his reaction would be so cute. There are buckets available at the exits for puking.
But then I fell asleep again. The next dream was related, but depressing.
I decided, screw texting, I'm going to tell him in person! He lived in a tiny room in the water-stained basement of Westmo where Phonathon was held. He was sitting in a scratchy blue chair, like the ones in Randolph. I came in, sat on his lap and said "Hi Reece! First thing I thought this morning was that I love you!" And he cringed and was like "Yeah, Emily, I don't think I actually want to deal with this anymore." THAT was heartbreaking.
Then I woke up from that dream with all of the warm fuzziness of the first dream dissipating. I'm still gonna text him with that, though.


LordBlace said...

The second dream is a lie! A LIE! I would never do that!
-Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.-

LordBlace said...

-Looks at the 'Blogs I Follow' list on your profile.-
Ha! I told you! Nyeh nyeh! I knew you weren't following my blog. That's why you didn't know about the mushy gushy post before I told you about it as the nightly pm!