Wednesday, September 9, 2009


First dream, I was in the weight room, Meredith was showing me new weights. We came to this one machine that didn't seem to work any muscles. It had this large lightbulb-looking thing in the middle of this round spinny table. You were supposed to sit with the bulb between your legs and spin around. Kinda like one of those merry-go-round things with the wheel in the middle. Except it had what looked like a lightning generator right above it. I took one look at that and said "No thanks."
This weight room was in Reece's basement, and I went up to find a bunch of playgrounders there. Ones I know who they look like, represented by their actual persons instead of their avatars, Trog and Alarra I know were there, and of course Reece, there were more. They were playing that game where you have cards with questions on them, you write names down on a board and move around using pieces and dice to see which person you ask the question about. Sometimes they encompass the entire board. I got the question "Which one of these people do you most fear?" and I said "Reece, because he's got a lighting generator that shoots at your crotch in the basement." Meredith was like "It doesn't shoot at your crotch, you're sitting too close to the middle!" and I responded "It shoots at your crotch."

Next dream, I was going to Kathleen Levendusky's house to chill. I went to the library to fill my CD folder with DVDs. They didn't have the ones I wanted though. I went to Borders instead, and instead of buying DVDs I got Fastball's newest album. Upon going home my mother reprimanded me for buying the CD because she wanted it and had bought it on her iTunes. This got my mother pretty mad, and she was fretting and upset for the rest of the time. She went shopping and bought all kinds of snack food and I was like "I'm not the one holding the party, mom!" She seemed surprised, then put everything she'd bought in a klappbar Kiste and drove me to Kathleen's.
Kathleen was sick in bed. Like, cartoony sick, all green and warty. Poor thing. She was watching the news and laughing hysterically because the headline was "Republicans actually do read books." She was laughing because she didn't believe they did and boy this sure proved her wrong. I was completely confused, because 1. Kathleen is a Republican, and a bit of a bibliophile, 2. Why the heck is this news, yes, Republicans are not uneducated bums. Well, not entirely, anyway. ;P
I told her how much weight I'd lost and she, too, was impressed. She said she was thinking of going on a diet herself, and asked me which one was the best. I immediately said Weight Watchers, because I'm losing so much weight, but I also mentioned Jenny Craig. Then for some reason I had this flashback-type-thing, where I went through a door and my mother gave me a salami and cheddar cheese sandwich and said something like "You may think this is a pretty cheap lunch, but I spent HOURS at Wegmans and found nothing else that looked edible."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
So guess what?
1) I'm not a Repuclican.
2) I haven't read the Bible since 8th grade.

Other than that, it was an amusing dream. ^_^