Friday, June 18, 2010

Art class on my mind.

So, I was on a field trip with Di Bella and my art class. We were going to New Jersey. Or so I was told, we didn't actually go to New Jersey, we went to a theme park, and rode on a roller coaster. Then we went back to the bus. We started driving through this city, we were stopped by slow traffic. I saw Mel outside, and she saw me, and waved frantically to get me to come outside. Luckily the bus stopped shortly, and I walked over to where I saw Mel, outside this spooky old house. Mel was trying to find some people, and some other people were after her, but she didn't know who. We were looking through the house, and we passed a rack of clothing. I started looking through the clothes and found a key in the pocket of a shirt. There was a guy who'd been helping us, but he just laughed and told me the key was poisoned and I was going to die a slow and painful death just by touching it. He opened a door behind him and let in some bad guys. I grabbed Mel and we ran towards the other side of the room we were in. The only other exit was a window. The window had a lock on it that the key probably fit. My steps started faltering before I could get to the window as the poison started working. Then this random dog that had been helping us took the key in its mouth and unlocked the window for us. Then the dog disappeared. Mel was also nowhere to be found.
I jumped out the window, expecting to fall at least a story, but I landed on my feet in a sort of dingy basement room. The rest of my art class was there, at long tables like the ones in Melchers, and they were drawing. I started drawing what had happened to me, and Di Bella came over and told me that it wasn't 3D enough and I could fix it by doing X, Y, and Z.
THEN, Meredith came by and we left together. My parents were going to take us out to dinner at Chipotle. I dragged Meredith to Joann's Crafts so we could apply for jobs. I talked to a few employees until I found the hiring manager and asked her whether they'd seen my previous application. They said they'd be happy to hire me, but they didn't have a position for two people. Meredith said she didn't need a job. She was kind of angry at me for dragging her, because she didn't live here anyway, of course she couldn't work here.

At some point Mer and I got back on the bus with Di Bella, and we ran over Sarah Palin.

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