Monday, June 7, 2010

This probably has something to do with William Street.

So, I was in a lecture class, and I was warned that aliens could possess anyone, and one of my friends might even be possessed. After the lecture I needed to head to Niebuhr's German Civ class. But then I looked in the mirror and found I had grown a mustache and I needed to shave it off before anyone I knew saw it. o_O The buildings were ridiculously far apart in this dream. I had to get on a bus to get to Combs from Monroe. The bus dropped me off at the Fred stop on double drive, which was inconvenient for me since double drive in this dream was an incredibly busy street, and there was no crosswalk. Also, while Combs was only a half-mile walk away, Bushnell was 2 miles from both Combs and the bus stop, and I lived there. I also had to be at class in 3 minutes. I was kind of stressed, and complained about this to some girls on my bus, who turned out to be possessed by aliens and attacked me. While I was fighting them off, a crowd gathered around and laughed at my handlebar mustache.

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