Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not as friendly as Kevin.

First, Meredith had befriended this giant Kevin-like bird. He was frightened of me, and convinced that I would hurt Meredith, so he attacked me every chance he got. Luckily for me he couldn't fly, so I was able to save myself by sitting at the top of a pit while he ran around at the bottom.
I was preparing to go to the party today, but suddenly there was a scheduling conflict, as Meredith was performing in a play at 1:00. So I got excited about that, I'd get to put on a dress and everything, but then I told my mother about that and she was very frustrated, because I would have no way to get to the party. Something was arranged so that Madeline would pick me up when the play was completed, oder was, and I went to see Meredith. But the entire performance was just this one guy sitting on a stool with a guitar. He wasn't playing the guitar or anything, he was just talking to the audience. He started talking to me about my epilepsy. I noticed that he was missing half of his face. I felt incredibly awkward, and overdressed for this occasion.

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