Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've been sleeping late.

First, I was attending a family dinner. It wasn't my real family, it was a bunch of people who according to dream logic were my family. A few of my uncles were plotting to kill me and my parents and a few other relatives for some monetary reason. So we had to run. There was a chase scene through a train station. We fooled the bad guys into going on a train in the opposite direction of the train we were on, but we abandoned one of my cousins (or half cousin twice removed or something, I kept calling her my cousin and being corrected) at the train station. I was very worried about her. The train we were on looked like the metro. The entire family (which was a huge amount of people) was bunched into 4 seats at the end of the train. Yet there was enough room, it was kind of like Mr. Weasley's car.

Then I woke up, looked at my clock, and found it was only 10:20 AM.

Next dream. My parents weren't willing to drive me back to school, so I had to take a bike. But first I had to pick up a bunch of neighborhood kids and take them to their schools, on my bike. My bike had a sidecar, so it was ok. But the first kid I had to pick up was an hour and a half late. I spent the whole time sitting in front of his house. I considered riding around the neighborhood for a bit, but then I didn't. Finally we left. We passed a lake and a few high schools before I realized I was completely lost and didn't know how to get to this guy's school. Then we met some other dude who offered us a ride in his car. We took it. My bike broke as we put it in the back seat.

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