Friday, June 11, 2010

Die Toten Hosen and Castle.

The dream started with me sorting through my clothing, and finding that I had 2 Die Toten Hosen t-shirts. I was surprised and a little annoyed, as I had just bought some t-shirts online the day before. I put one on and went downstairs (despite the fact that I was in my room in the apartment, there was a downstairs). I had just met my parents at this fancy place, to prepare for a party-type thing. We were in a garden, and in this garden was a large pool with a fountain in it. It was covered in ants. I had to take a can of Raid and get rid of them all. When I was done, the pool smelled like ant poison and it was disgusting. Without transition I was inside, in a kitchen similar to Erin's in Yorktown, and spraying the kitchen counters. My mother was in the other room, talking to someone I didn't recognize about how I couldn't do anything right. I got really annoyed and punched a hole in the wall. Mom yelled angrily that she of course was joking. I went to play the piano to let off some steam. I found some sheet music for "Hier Kommt Alex" and decided to learn it, since it matched my t-shirt. My sister came in (we were in my living room at home now) and started lecturing me on how to deal with the parents.
There were other bits about the FBI lady from the episode of Castle I watched last night, but I don't remember them.

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