Monday, June 14, 2010


So, I was talking to my parents about how I wanted a new phone. My mother had gotten a droid, and she said she'd trade phones with me. They didn't want to pay the Verizon people any fees to transfer my numbers and pictures and such over to Mom's phone, so I had to email all 180 of my pictures and copy all 26 of my contacts manually. What a pain.
Then in the evening was a dance. It was a "big deal" dance, in the way that prom is a "big deal", so Meredith convinced me to go. I used my new phone to take a picture of my dress, which was this heavy red velvet thing that looked like it came from the Society for Creative Anachronism. Because it had. Mer and I both borrowed dresses from the SCA and we didn't have to pay for them. Erin, meanwhile, did not want to go to the dance. She had read about a different activity happening at the same time in Randolph, one that involved babysitting puppies. So she and Matt went to that.
The "dance" took place in the room in Melchers where I'm taking my design principles class. It seemed much more like the Elizabethan feast, as we were all seated, but Mer and I were the only ones dressed appropriately for the Elizabethan feast. And the lights were down, and dance music was playing.
As we were sitting there, we were attacked by vampires. And werewolves. Sadly, Robert Pattinson was there, and a throng of girls ran at him and practically begged him to bite them. There were frightening Dracula-type vampires too. The werewolves were much more typical, but small. Meredith and I just walked out of the room in disgust, mostly unharmed, but I got nipped in the elbow by a wimp of a werewolf. Mer told me to wash out the bite or I'd become a werewolf, so I did. In the bathroom I met Erin Kenderish (she's in my art class) who informed me that the bites from the monsters weren't at all contagious or dangerous, not even the vampire bites.
Upon leaving the bathroom, I found myself not in Melchers, but in the basement of Randolph. I looked around for our Erin, but didn't find her. Outside in the parking lot behind Randolph, I met Sunshine, who said I should check her room. I checked our room in Randolph and our room in Bushnell before I remembered that we live in the apartments now. Erin and Matt were in our apartment, playing with puppies.

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