Friday, November 26, 2010

Aladdin with ninjas.

I was fighting ninjas with a team of people. Because I don't know who they were, I'll codename them Meredith, Erin, and Matt. These ninjas were trying to steal something precious from us, I think it was a DVD of some Disney movie. Matt had a dart gun, Meredith and Erin and I only had our wits and our amazing parkour skills. We chased them over the roofs of buildings, up and down, through courtyards. I began to recognize scenery from Disney movies. We ended up in a place that looked like Agrabah, except with some buildings from Mulan thrown in. We still had to fight the ninjas. I was momentarily distracted by a band randomly placed in a corner of this yard. Suddenly the ninjas turned into genies, and I was killed and turned into a ghost. I was completely invisible to my friends, but I managed to communicate by stealing one of the instruments from the band. They had to find and defeat the ninja/genie/whatever who killed me so I could return to life.

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