Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Man, history class really worries me.

First dream, I got my paper back in History with a B+. But still with comments that a bunch of my content was superfluous, my title was stupid, and he didn't like the pictures I added. I woke up and was relieved I hadn't received my paper yet.
Second dream, Adrienne and Erin and Meredith decided we needed to go on a trip, so they bought plane tickets for all of us, plus Stephanie. I didn't know where we were going, but I suspected Berlin. While we were pressing through the airport (a very strange-looking airport, all of the hallways were made of twigs and all of the windows overlooked a river) I realized that I had to go to history today to turn in the book assignment. Erin told me I had to call Ross, and she handed me the phone. I asked Ross to break into our apartment, grab my paper off the printer to hand it in, and see if he can grab my research paper for me as well. Ross gave me a brief lecture about missing class before saying he would do it.
Third dream was Gunnerkrigg Court. Because of the current fight they're having, Reynard has the power to leave his doll body. He takes over the body of a strange man in a black hat adorned with a feather.

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