Saturday, November 13, 2010

I hate being sick SO MUCH.

There was a playgrounder meetup going on, and I really wanted to go but I was still sick. So I'm in my room, hacking coughing and wheezing (even in my dreams it won't stop!) talking to Reece on IM since he was also unable to go. It wasn't my room though, it was a bright room with yellow walls, and a window that looked out on a green field and mountains. I was pretty high up, the people outside looked very small. Across the field were some trees, mountains in the distance, and to the left of my window was a cliff.
Then skype opens up and I get a call from the meetup. Sort of. There wasn't any video, but someone had a phone and they'd called me. The phone, I was told, was attached to someone's backpack and that's why the voices were faint. They were in the middle of rock climbing, up the face of a cliff. The playgrounders tell me that they're coming to visit me. I look out my window, and see tiny people pop up onto the field from the left of my window. They went toward a small fest tent that appeared in the middle of the field. There were already people in the tent. I went outside to meet them.
Right outside the house, there were some people I didn't know, walking their dogs. There were 2 Irish Wolfhounds, the size of llamas, with spotless white coats. I hugged one of them and said that I wanted this type of dog when I got one, and Reece could have his Yorktese.
I went around the house (I'd exited on the other side) to the tent, and sat down with people. The Orells and the Hensons were there too, as well as everyone who'd been at the MD meetup last October. Including the small children. I wondered how they'd gotten safely up the side of the very high, very steep cliff.
Then I woke up.

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