Friday, November 5, 2010

High school?! Standardized tests?! NOOOOOO!!

I was in Trinkle 204, for some reason, chilling with my roomies. Suddenly I remember that I have to go take a standardized test! Erin and Meredith both go "Emily, you should leave NOW! We all have classes to go to." I'm like "Who will look after my laptop while I'm gone?" A blind guy with a puppy comes in and says that he'll do it.
I leave Trinkle and end up in the science hallway of Centennial. I go into the room where I used to take Chemistry, and I ask the person there if this is where I take the test. He looks very confused, but he says yes and hands me a sheet of paper. The paper says "Draw a fish." and has a bunch of different drawings of fish on it. I leave the room.
Erin is out there with Sunshine. She says "Emily, that's not the room where you're taking the test! How on earth did you get lost?!" I'm like "I know, I know!" I go from the science hallway to the English one, into the room that was Wright's room. There's my chem teacher, passing out the standardized test. She glares at me for being late. I give her a paper slip with my name, my year and my major. The room looks almost exactly like the room where I took English, except the wall on the far side of the room that had a wall of boxes that looked like the mailroom. The teacher looks at me like I'm crazy for not knowing this, and tells me to go put this slip in my box, though the slip is supposed to be an index card. I do this.
I look at the other desks in the room, and see that they're all freshmen (in college). This test is taken by freshmen and seniors, I was the only senior who'd signed up for this time. The other students look like they're much younger than college students, maybe freshmen in high school. I'm then told that I need to keep this class occupied while the teacher steps out. I go up to the front of the classroom, the other students look really young now, middle school aged. So I start to tell jokes about the first time I took this test, and quickly run out of material.
Then I woke up.

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