Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bursting into song.

I was at the mall with my mother. We went to a coffee shop where we met Erin and Meredith. My mom started singing this random show tune. It was from a show that I'd liked, but I didn't recognize the song or remember the name of the musical. It happened to be a song from a show UMW had put on earlier this year. Since this coffee shop was filled with college students, a few people had been in the play and knew the song quite well. They started singing along. A different group of people had been in the orchestra. One guy pulled out his French horn and started to play it along with the music. Soon we had a whole orchestra backing this huge group of people singing. Erin said to me "I love this school."
I went to the store, which had changed into this tiny shop. There were really low shelves, almost like desk-sized bookcases. Surprise surprise, all of these bookcases contained books. The only goods the store had were on a high shelf that was attached to the wall and circled the whole room. I wanted some peach tea Snapple, but the only bottle they had was $19.

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