Monday, January 24, 2011

Nervous about my presentation

I was in the same class as my father, and we both had to make powerpoint presentations. I had several ideas during the middle of the night before the presentation, so I spent that morning looking for pictures. I had to skip class in order to do it though. My father skipped class as well in order to yell at me. Then in time for my second class I went to the library to finish. The library was Centennial's library, and the computers weren't USB capable so I had to save my work on a floppy disk. When that didn't work on the professor's computer when I was trying to give my presentation, I excused myself and ran back home to fix it. My father accused me of cheating. On the way back home I did have another idea for a slide, and spent an extra few minutes at home creating it before I emailed the presentation to myself. My father called me before I left and told me class was almost over, I'll be giving my presentation tomorrow and I'm a horrible student.

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