Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jogging is good for you.

I was in a class with Adrienne and one of Adrienne's friends who I didn't know. The professor was late. I started to ask Adrienne what happened on her date last night, but she shushed me and started talking to her other friend. The professor showed up, and gave us a powerpoint presentation explaining his syllabus. On the final slide was a horrible picture, I don't remember what it was but it disgusted several people. I followed some out of the classroom.
A group of four women, including one politician, were accused of murdering someone. I knew somehow that they'd done it, and was trying to catch them. There was a bunch of detective work that happened, eventually culminating in me chasing the four of them through a forest. One of them,who was wearing high heels tripped and fell early in the chase. The politician ran so fast and so long that she fell over out of exhaustion and caught some kind of disease. The news stations were flooded with stories about how jogging is bad for you.

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