Friday, January 21, 2011

Bumble's bounce.

I was at some sort of camp with all of my friends and family and some people who don't exist. We were building an army and weapons to stop this huge bad guy. I decided we needed airplanes, so Mer, Erin, Matt and I went ahead and built some biplanes. Sheckells and my mom were there too. One of the nameless people made a joke about needing Snoopy to pilot the planes, I told him that for making that joke he would be a pilot.
There were two planes, one with the boys and one with the girls. The bad guys had planes too, which led to some sword fights on the wings of the planes, and when we flew past a cell phone tower the fight traveled onto it. Pilots switched out in midair so that the best fencers could do their thing. At one point the guy who'd made the snoopy joke (he was shorter than Mer and had dark hair, that's all I remember about him) had switched out, and he was the one who leaped onto the cell phone tower. He lost his balance while stabbing someone, and fell thousands of feet. A nameless chick, his girlfriend I suppose, started crying.
We got rid of the enemy's air forces, and went back to the workshop/warehouse where we'd built the planes. Shortly the others returned from fighting. I guess we'd won, because everyone was there, and we decided to go out for brunch. The short guy then showed up, with a creature that looked like the abominable snowman in tow. We were surprised and relieved, his girlfriend incredibly so. But then we realized that he had an enormous wound in his side and several broken bones, and someone said we wouldn't be able to save him. I protested that his wounds couldn't be too bad, he'd fallen from the sky several miles from here and had managed to get here. I woke up before finding out if we fixed him.

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