Saturday, January 22, 2011

Skiing is a complicated business.

I had to go on a skiing trip with my parents. I was nervous, since I haven't skied for about 5 years, but also excited. We discovered that my ski boots didn't fit me anymore, but not because they were too tight, they were actually too loose. Instead of getting them tightened as we usually do we decided the best solution was for me to wear cardboard boxed on my feet, inside the boots. I also didn't have any ski socks, only thick plushy socks. And no proper gloves, just my fingerless gloves/mittens. And no hat. My father was understandably frustrated, though I tried to reason with him that I just hadn't brought any serious snow gear to school and he should lay off. This was a strange argument, as I was at my house at the time.
They decided I should instead stay home and prepare for the party we were having. Mom's side of the family was coming over. I decided to bake some cookies. Bob and Sally arrived early, and I had to entertain them.

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