Friday, April 29, 2011

Kinda have pizza on the mind.

I was eating dinner with my parents, and we were planning my giant party. I made a joke about cancer or something like that, and my mother was like "That's not funny, never make a joke like that again." I responded with something dumb like "I'll make jokes about whatever I want, because I find them funny!" So, my mother didn't allow me to go to my party. Also, she had me imprisoned in my house, I had an ankle bracelet and everything. Luckily, our house was a giant castle, and I had a lot to do. I talked to Erin and Meredith. They said my mother was right to punish me this way.
There was a big school celebration going on outside. It was a graduation thing, I think, because it featured the entire senior class. Someone had bought pizza, because the Seaco food was awful. I couldn't go outside and get any, so I hung around inside the castle and moped. The castle was crowded too, and I wanted to avoid people, but I couldn't even get privacy in my own room. So I went to my PM box.
The box was up in a tower. Every student had their own tower, accesible from what looked like the 2nd floor of Trinkle, and at the top was a locked room that contained messages and letters and junk. I decided to go up there and take a nap.
When I woke up from that nap, Ralph was at my door. He wanted attention. I tried to take him for a walk, but I'd forgotten about my ankle bracelet, and I set the alarm off. The police came, and told me that I had 3 strikes before they took me to jail, and I'd just used up one of them (disturbia much?).
I used another one the next day. I was able to evade the police and follow Erin and Meredith to this craft sale that was taking place next to Melchers. It was a craft sale and a rummage sale. I bought a box of German word magnets, and some cookie cutters. Then we went back to our building/my house, and I grabbed some pizza from the still-going celebration before the police caught me and sent me back upstairs.

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