Friday, April 15, 2011

You know, like what happens when I try to play piano in front of people.

So it turns out on Wednesday when I missed Buddhism, Ambuel had given a pop quiz. When I got to class, I looked around and saw the graded sheet on everyone's desk and I was like "AGH!" Then Ambuel gave me and everyone else who'd missed class (about 10 people) a piece of sheet music and told us to go wait in a different room while he gave a lecture. We went to a room that looked like the creepy basement room in Westmoreland. There was a piano there, and when he was done giving his lecture we were going to form an impromptu choir. We just stood there for a while. The people who knew each other were chatting. I decided to try playing the piano, but when I got up there and tried to start playing "On The Rise" I couldn't get my fingers to play the right rhythm and embarrassed myself.

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