Friday, April 22, 2011

Lots of outside influences in this dream.

First dream, I was hanging in the apartment's living room with Adrienne, Erin and Meredith. We were going to watch a movie or something. I was unbearably tired, and kept dozing off. I was really concerned about it, I'd gotten plenty of sleep the night before, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I thought I might have had a seizure and I was feeling the after effects. Adrienne kept saying to me "No, stay up, we have to do fun things!" and I was like "I know, I'm sorry, I'm just so tired!" Turns out I was tired because I was asleep.
Then I remembered I had to stay up because my family was coming to visit. I forced myself to start neatening up the living room. My mother arrived first. Later my cousin Robert appeared with a bunch of people his age that I didn't recognize. One of them looked like a pirate. Then the characters from Ouran High School Host Club showed up, and Tamaki started trying to impress Haruhi right in my dining room (the place was much bigger to accomodate all of these people.) He cooked up some plan about tying himself to train tracks and escaping.
The room got incredibly cold, in the dream, and I woke up to discover my comforter was at the foot of my bed and it was freezing.
Next dream featured me and Adrienne sitting on my couch discussing the merits of Nutella. Then I had to rescue Erin and Meredith from pirates, which took a surprisingly short time. Then I had to teach a baby deer to respond to its name.

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