Thursday, January 8, 2009

I apologize for breaking LOTR

My subconscious ruined all of Tolkien's worldbuilding.
Meredith and I had to take the ring to Mordor. We were in the Randolph basement, Ned and Cathy and Reilly were there as well as my sister and parents. The dean of UMW and all of my friends told me that the world was at stake and I needed to destroy the ring. I believe my family is on my side, so while I'm walking out the back of Randolph and down the hill towards Russel, I tell Ned all about it. He acts encouraging, but then I learn that he's wearing a wire and Sauron now knows my plan. I return to the rest of my family, tell them this, and they all reveal that they're working for the bad guys. I yell out a speech about how we have to do this to stop evil, and I beat up my sister, but my mother sends me to bed.
I'm given a map that takes me around to the other side of mount doom, which is apparently in a different kingdom entirely and Sauron's giant eye can't see into it very well. The dean tells me the entire convoluted plan of my route and my escape while we hide out in a bathroom (a bathroom without stalls or toilets.) Meredith and I start on our journey and I wake up.

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