Thursday, January 15, 2009

Board games

We were in this small, really cramped room, playing a board game with ridiculously small pieces. Will was there. I was searching through a box for the pieces, I was pretty sure there were some on the bottom. I found inside a rectangular jewelry box a little lizard, a pet I remembered buying and neglecting. He has a beak like a penguin. He's very ill, and very hungry. I give him some crickets and some water, he can barely eat them. I move him to the table, and everyone is sad. We reassemble the board game, which has something to do with canoes.
The dream changes, Meema is there, and so is Mike McManus from Chentennial. We are in a small boat, just off the coast. Again we are playing a board game, something about tsunamis, in which you place down cards in order, and get chips by trading with other players. If you have enough chips and you place down all of your cards, one of the players gets hit by a tsunami. Since we are in a boat, this is serious business.

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