Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guitar jackassery.

We were shopping for a long car trip. My sister suggested we stop at a bookstore, and I agreed, because I wanted to buy The Other Wind, the 5th book of the Earthsea series. They didn't have it there, all they had were like 50 copies of Eragon and the Eragon sequels. I turned a corner about found their literature section and the Christopher Moore books. I had to choose between Coyote Blue and... one of his other books. I asked a nearby kid in the children's book section to help me choose. Coyote blue won, and I took it to my father at the checkout. After this long drive, we end up in someone's basement, discussing music and musical instruments. Half of the room is talking about guitars, and there's my piano instructor, bashing pianos and saying that they were easy and you just had to press the keys, whereas with a guitar you have to really learn, and it's so much more difficult. The kind of guitar jackassery I hate coming from my PIANO TEACHER. I went on my little rant about how that's awful, how I've played piano for 13 years and I still suck, how it's harder than people think, and she laughs and says "Well, that's just because you suck." I then look at the pieces I have that I want to learn, and I'm told THEY'RE TOO HARD FOR ME. WHAT?!
After that, the whole group goes to Walmart, where my parents are standing in line with my books. I wander off to the electronics, and see that they're selling the old old old gameboy, the black-and-white one, for $5. I then look at the guitar hero games. Then I woke up.

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